Social media use has grown significantly over the years. Therefore, social media sites are the dream of any brand looking for a significant following. Instagram is a social media site whose use can significantly boost the online presence of a brand. Long gone are the days when Instagram was known as a site for posting photos and videos. The site is a minefield for any brand looking to grow its followers. Check out Profile Mate Review if you want a tool to help you grow your Instagram account! You can also check Profile Mate here!

The Instagram Statistics

Instagram has about one billion users worldwide. More than half of the users are active on Instagram, where they upload ninety-five million photos and videos daily. Additionally, over fifty percent of the users follow a brand on Instagram. Around seventy percent of the users have tried to look for a brand on Instagram.

Yet, only about thirty-five percent of digital marketers use Instagram. Compare the figure with ninety-three percent of marketers who are on Facebook. Therefore, Instagram has a massive potential that most marketers are not leveraging.

Why Use Instagram to Grow Your Brand?

Generally, social media has a significant persuasion power on the decision-making process of the user. With the right mix of content for the right audience, you can use Instagram to drive buying customers to your business. Instagram also offers a variety of opportunities for brands to engage with their followers.

Instagram’s users are always looking for stimulating content. That is the reason they visit the site regularly. You can take advantage of this fact by taking deliberate steps to make your brand more appealing to Instagram’s massive masses.

15 Tricks You Can Use to Grow Your Following on Instagram

Gaining a meaningful following on Instagram requires more than uploading a few images. It would be best if you had a clear strategy and be consistent in posting quality content. You must also understand your audience and have an appealing style. Some tricks to growing your following on Instagram include:

  • Post quality content

Thoughtfully prepared content will always win with your followers. Content drives traffic to Instagram. Have a strategy for your content. Think about what your followers want from your brand. Align your content to your audience and your goals. Content that is trendy, relevant, fun, and tries to solve a problem for the audience will get you more followers on Instagram.

  • Post live content

Live videos are attractive because they are authentic content that has no filters. Also, more than 400 million accounts on Instagram post visually enhanced stories regularly. Therefore, with so many users posting stories daily, it means that they are effective in delivering messages to audiences. Instagram’s users love to know what the brands they follow are doing. Creative use of live videos and Instagram content can boost your following.

  • Be consistent in posting.

Regular sharing of content increases your presence, thus boosting your following. Posting content on Instagram daily can lead to more engagement. Additionally, consistent posting may lead the Instagram algorithm to position your posts strategically where your followers will see them.

  • Leverage collaborations

Engage sponsors and partners to provide value to your followers. You will also be able to reach a new audience, a factor that will grow your following.

  • Instagram’s analytics

Use the analytics data to learn the best times to post content on Instagram. The insights provide you with a summary of the performance of each post. The information will help you determine which posts performed best and the time they were posted. You can try to replicate the success.

  • Engage your followers

Go through the comments that your followers make on your posts. Like the comments, your followers make on your posts. Leave a reply. Followers’ teel good when they are given some attention by a brand they love. Strive to increase engagement with your followers progressively with every post you make.

  • Host contests

You can ask your audience to participate in contests. You can include a call to invite a friend or share content from your page on their feed. You will be able to reach Instagram users who did not know about the existence of your brand. In the process, you will gain more followers.

  • Optimize cross-posting

Social media is one big family. Share your Instagram posts on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to get extra exposure. Audiences on other sites will become aware of your presence on Instagram and follow you there.

  • Link in bio

Instagram does not allow for the posting of links on the photos and videos you upload. Yet you require your followers to click on a link to lead them to your website or youtube channel and the like. Therefore, you can add the link you wish your followers to click on your profile. Follow up with a call to action on your post to click on the link in bio.

  • Work with Instagram Influencers

Influencers on social media are a brand in their own right. Why not use the influences to your advantage? With many followers on Instagram, the influencers can drive traffic to your brand.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is the landing page that followers first encounter. Your profile allows you to tell your followers about your brand. You can use your profile to drive traffic to your website, where followers will get more information about your brand.

  • Use searchable keywords on your Instagram profile.

Customize the name field in your Instagram bio to appear on the suggested list when users search for a brand. The words appearing in your name field should be searchable by Instagram users.

  • Let the audience know you.

Post long content about yourself. Audiences are not only seeking for a brand, but also a human connection. Authenticity wins most of the time with social media users. Let your content allow your followers to learn about you and your brand. More people will want to tap into that authenticity, earning you more followers.

  • What is your competitor doing?

Find out who your target audience is following and engaging with on Instagram. Learn about the questions your ideal audience is asking in the comments section of your competitor’s posts. Use the information to identify the gap and create content to bridge the gap. Not only will your brand stand out, but you will get more followers.

  • Share content that has gone viral elsewhere

User content that has done well elsewhere on social media can drive followers to your brand. So long as the content is not from a competitor, sharing it on your feed entertains your followers. The followers, in turn, invite other followers leading to growth. Always remember to credit the original creator.

In Conclusion

Instagram is a social media force that is huge and will only keep growing. The massive number of Instagram photos, videos, and stories that users post every day make Instagram hugely popular. Therefore, it is vital to lay down strategies to build a significant following to promote your brand. Like in any other social media site, consistent content is the key to driving your brand’s traffic. Constant engagement with followers is also essential. Use the feedback from Instagram analytics to your advantage. Invest time in making your brand or your business leverage the huge followers’ base on Instagram.